baagloo login user interface design

UX and UI design and development for Baagloo

Baagloo is a social media network that payed it users. Our services of website design and user experience design were utilised to turn this start up concept into a fully running web and mobile application.

Logo Design

Brand Identity


Website Design

Social Media Posts

Video Production

social media feed user interface design map user interface design

The company had its first debut at Apps World, where over 2 days we were able to show off the App and present to potential clients.

During this time we needed marketing material designed and created in the shape of leaflets. These showed the user experience of the baagloo app.

graphic design flyer

Working within a start up the main objective was to gain its first investment.

This lead to the graphic design of the companies pitch deck. Creating marketing assets and combining them together within PowerPoint we gained a quarter million pounds in investment.

investor deck graphic design

Additionally the company needed an email campaign designed, giving us the job of structuring email that would be marketed to all users.

Using heart warm imagery and the calm creative brand of baagloo we wanted to design a layout the was natural for the reader. With the design below we achieved this and completed a successful email campaign.

email template design