coffee packaging designs

Branding, Website Design and Photography Brief

Colibri Coffee approached Drool with the fresh idea of creating an online Coffee Business. Tasking us with the logo design, branding and website design and development. In designing the brand we also created the packaging of the product and photography.

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Website Design


Social Media Management

6 logo design process

Our first job was to design the brand. Using the Colibri as the main source of inspiration from the client our illustrators created and delicate drawing of the bird boasted by strong colours.

This allowed us to compliment the images with a beatifully clean font expressing the name of the business.

coffee label designs

Following the design of the brand we were able to print this on to stickers that would applied to the packages with ease.

Using black packaging the colours of the stickers becaming striking, catching the eye of customers easily.

Lastly during the photoshoot we took images of the roasting process.

A large directory of imagery was create to begin supporting all marketing outputs.

coffee work shop coffee work shop
coffee work shop coffee work shop

Following the photography of all content we then applied it to the website design store front.

Having a clear cut brand and theme with all photography it made the job of designing the website easy.

website user interface design